What to Know About GPS Cable Assemblies

What to Know About GPS Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly is a group of cables grouped together for a particular purpose. The grouping, or assembly, includes cables that are all cut to the same specific length which makes installation of the cables much quicker and easier. It’s technology that allows the cables and wires of a machine to remain organized and neat, and there’s plenty more to know about GPS cable assemblies from the people who build them best. 

Uses of GPS cable assemblies

The use of well-built GPS cable assemblies is far reaching. They are utilized in small private planes as well as passenger planes, in military vehicles and fleets, in police cars and commercial trucks, fire engines, golf carts and so many more. Businesses have come to rely on well made assemblies to ensure the safe operation and performance of their inventory. 

How GPS cable assemblies are made

Custom GPS cable assemblies are made from specific engineered drawings. Quality control is critical along the way to ensure the proper operation of the assembly after installation. All assemblies conform to rigorous standards and a multitude of assemblies and configurations are possible based on the exact specifications of the customer.   

What are the best assemblies made of

The very best cable assemblies are made from WaveFlex cable which is a high performance flexible cable offered from DC to 40GHz. This special product line delivers the maximum performance level of any possible application and boasts low-loss dielectrics. This material can be successfully used to make solid PTFE cable assemblies, high performance and low loss cable assemblies, outdoor cable assemblies, and so much more.    

How to get your order in place

If this type of cable assembly sounds like just what you need, you should start the process by requesting a quote. Provide your contact information, any engineering drawings that you already have on hand, and any special instructions that you have to accompany your submission. A comprehensive quote will follow and you’ll be one step closer to having the best assemblies in hand for your project. 

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