100% Tested. Every Time.

Fiber Optic Testing

  • Data Pixel Interferometer
  • JGR MS08B W 24 Channel, MM 50μm optical switch
  • Viavi 400x Desktop Microscope
  • Dimension Easy Check EC200KC
  • Data Pixel Daisy MT Interferometer
  • JGE MS09B Housing
  • 12 Channel, SM 9μm Optical Switch
  • 24 Channel, MM 50μm and 62.5μm Optical Switches
  • MS12 SM 9μm, MM50μm and 62.5μm Loss Meters
  • Viavi 200x and 400x Desktop Microscope
  • Dimension Easy Check EC200KC

Electrical Testing

  • Hi-Pot testing up to 1500 VDC utilizing CAMI Research CableEye Cable test system with reporting capability.
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • 100% electrical testing for continuity, shorts, and opens.
  • In-line (Production) testing up to 5kVDC utilizing Vitrek V53
  • Custom Test Fixture and Test Reporting

RF Testing

  • DC-40 GHz testing capabilities
  • Anritsu 37369C and MS46322A VNAs
  • Phase-Matching capability to 1.8Ps
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