Flexible Cable Assemblies

Flexible RF Cable Assemblies

When RF connections are critical, Florida RS Technology offers highly-reliable semi-rigid and flexible RF & coaxial cable assembly in Jacksonville, Orlando, Melbourne, and Tampa for almost every application.

High Performance Flexible Cable Assemblies

WaveFlex® cable assemblies from Florida RS Technology offer customers high performance flexible cables from DC to 40GHz. Our WaveFlex® product line is made with the highest quality materials and low-loss dielectrics to deliver the maximum level of performance for any application.


Solid PTFE Cable Assemblies

WaveFlex 402
WaveFlex 405

High Performance & Low Loss Cable Assemblies

WaveFlex 142
WaveFlex 180
WaveFlex 220
WaveFlex 290

Outdoor Cable Assemblies

WaveFlex 290 PVC
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