Circuit Board Assembly

Your One-Stop-Shop For Circuit Board Assembly In Jacksonville

Florida RS Technology is a well-recognized and trusted manufacturer of printed circuit board assembly in Jacksonville along with wire harness assemblies and electro-magnetic box builds. With an in-house design team paired with engineering services and a testing facility that meets all the industrial standards, we work closely with our customers from designing a PCB assembly to prototyping and final product build. From laying out the design to the final assembly, we take care of it all.

What We Offer:

  • Build to print assemblies

  • Electro-mechanical assembly

  • Flexible cable assemblies

  • Engineering Services

  • Prototype development

  • Procuring Parts

  • System Integration

  • Testing Services

  • Circuit assembly board layout and design

Our Production Process For Circuit Board Assembly in Melbourne

We follow a three-step process for the circuit board assembly in Melbourne. The following are the steps of our manufacturing process:


  • Circuit Board Design

Our work policy is to work with our client and their team, keeping a transparent line of communication so that we can quickly respond to the clients’ requirements and speed up the production process. Our in-house design team will help transform your schematic into a functional circuit board design that is both sound and economical. We use industry leading intelligent tools and software for placing components, interconnecting positions, routing, and fine-tuning the details. After completing the design, we conduct a thorough review and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the design is perfectly sound. If you have an existing design we can help modify that as well and update it with newer methods and technologies.


  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

We understand the importance of a good quality circuit board assembly in Orlando and we are focused on delivering highly reliable solutions at reasonable pricing. We are trained professionals that provide high-quality custom printed circuit board fabrication and our turnkey solutions satisfy the requirements of a diverse range of industries. We offer rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible circuit designs, and whether you need high-density counts or specialized finishes, we fabricate custom PCB assemblies according to your requirements. Whenever you are in need of a prototype board, get in touch with us, we specialize in creating prototypes for the final build. 


  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

This is the final stage of production where the prototype is developed into the final build. We use high-precision, state of art equipment to develop the final product. With a combination of automated surface mount technologies, semi-automatic preparations, and manual techniques, we provide a sound and accomplished circuit board assembly in Tampa ready for use. From simple to complex arrangements, we can handle the production of all scales of projects. We also perform several tests to analyze the optimum functionality of the circuit board assembly before delivering it to you.

Why Choose Us?


  • Superior Quality

Florida RS Technology has been serving for 24 years and we are always focused on delivering supreme quality products and services to our customers. We have a trained team of professionals that follow a quality management system where all the products go through rigorous testing before being delivered.


  • Turnkey Solutions

From design to prototyping and production, we take care of all parts of the production process. We offer turnkey solutions with quick turnaround times for various industries including military and defense, commercial aerospace, rail, medical and telecom markets. We can assist you with everything starting from early design to prototyping and completing production. 


  • Customer Service

Over our years of service, we have always maintained outstanding relationships with our customers. We believe in maintaining a transparent work policy so that our clients are always aware of what stage the project is in and we work closely with our customers’ team as well to ensure that everything matches their exact requirements.

FAQs About Circuit Board Assembly In Orlando


  • How Much Does A Circuit Board Assembly Cost?

The cost of the circuit board assembly is determined by the manufacturer and depends on many things like the components used, the size of the product, and the types of materials used.


  • What Are The Three Steps In-Circuit Board Assembly Process?

At Florida RS Technology, we follow three steps to a complete PCB assembly production. Or steps include designing a sound layout, fabricating the printed circuit board, and finally putting together the circuit board assembly. We also run tests in all stages to ensure that the product is technically sound and functioning optimally.


  • What Are The Uses Of Circuit Board Assemblies?

A circuit board assembly in Tampa provides conductive pathways, signals traces, and tracks to connect electronic components in a system and provides mechanical support as well. PCBs are designed mainly for commercial and industrial use and are integrated into various electrical equipment.

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