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With FLRST Stripping Tools the cable end preparation on semi rigid cable (especially after bending), is quick and precise.  Single, dual and triple steps can be made simultaneously in less than two seconds.  Our tools will strip cable sizes from 0.008 inch (0.20mm) to 0.250 inch (6.35mm).  Strip lengths are repeatable within a tolerance of +/- 0.002 inch (0.051mm).  A Flush Cut version of the tool reduces the cut-off burr to a 0.001 inch (0.0254mm) to 0.003 inch (0.0762mm) change in diameter depending on the cable diameter.  This is as close to burr free that is possible without using a specialized tool. "Close to the bend" and extra long strips are easily accomplished.  In any application where the cable must be bent first, FLRST tools need to be used.  There is no other tool on the market that will trim semi rigid cable after U-bending it to a leg to leg separation of down to 0.400 inch (10.16mm).  Further, use of this tool will eliminate cable waste.

Specialized versions of the tools are available to chamfer the outer diameter of semi rigid cable rendering the end without burrs.  Optional features include manual and automatic slug ejectors for extremely short conductor lengths.

Please specify the diameter of cable that will be stripped.   A tool will strip one cable diameter only.  Multiple tools are required for multiple cable diameters.

BASE PRICE: $1,995.00


Maximum Stripping Length= A
4.5 inch (114mm)
Maximum Cable Diameter
0.250 inch (6.35mm)
Tool Material
Stainless Steel
Cutting Blade Material
Tool Steel
Minimum Distance From Bend= B
0.100 inch (2.54mm)
Minimum U-Bend Leg Separation = C
0.400 inch (10.16mm)
Maximum Length of U-Bend = D
.625 inch (15.9mm) - Infinite
Approximate Run Time
One to two seconds
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