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Bench Top Driver accepts all of our cable stripping, facing, flush cut, and pointing tools. It is equipped with a quick change coupling that allows tool changes in seconds. The unit is equipped with a foot pedal to start and stop the machine. Safety features include the tool housing that encloses all rotating parts, a safety switch, and an automatic tool stop. The programmable electronic controller allows for selection of ramp-up speed (acceleration), brake control (deceleration), speed (RPM), and a reversing switch for special purposes. The settings are “password” protected.

Our patented tools are designed to make difficult coax cable stripping, facing, and pointing operations easy and impossible ones doable!

The Bench Top Driver has a quick release coupling with a single set screw that allows tool changes in just seconds. The set screw can be turned into any of the eight dimples on the rotating tools to hold them securely in place. The safety tool housing, that encloses all rotating parts, simply slides over the tool and under a guide bolt. The housing must be in place for the Driver to operate. The unit's foot pedal has a 7 foot (2.14 M) long power cord and is used to start the machine. The electronic controller is factory programmed for optimum performance, but allows for selection of rotating tool speeds (RPM) to match cutting speed with particular cable construction and materials.

Stripper Heads
The Stripper Heads allow extremely precise and repeatable cable preparation in sizes starting as small as 0.013 inch (0.33mm) in diameter and up to 0.250 inch (6.35mm). Semi rigid cables can be trimmed as close as 0.100 inch (2.54mm) to a bend with standard heads and closer with custom designs. Cable with up to a 180 degree U-bend can be accommodated. Standard single, dual, and triple step heads use inexpensive blades that produce thousands of cuts (depending on cable size). These tools make all steps simultaneously. Flush Cut heads eliminate almost all I.D. and O.D. burrs and use carbide blades that increase life many fold.

Blade Changes
Blade changes are easily accomplished by removing two screws from the face of the tool, replacing the blade by dropping it over the drive pin, and reassembling the tool.

Strip lengths are changes by removing the tool from the Driver, turning the center stop in (for shorter strip) or out (for longer strip) and replacing it in the driver. Center stop gauges are available to measure the length, but most operators become proficient by using the screw lead to turn ratio.

Center Conductor Pointers
Two types of Center Conductor pointing tools are offered. The cable size specific unit produces a precisely dimensioned point regardless of the cut length of the conductor. The customer can even specify the angle of the point. The universal unit can point any size center conductor and can point any length conductor. All pointing heads are equipped with carbide blades.

Tool Life
Stripping and pointing tools have been used by customers for many years without reporting that any tools have been worn out to the point where the entire tool has to be replaced.

Custom Tools
Other tools to support cable cutting or terminating are also available from an extensive line of task specific and custom tools.

BASE PRICE: $6,395.00

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