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Prototype and Production Bending
This bending machine is designed for precise repetitive bending of semi rigid coax cable and has features not found on any other mechanical bender on the market. These features include:
● The bend radius can be changed for every bend on a single piece of cable.
● Easy to make templates provides for precisely the same bend profile every time.
● Adjusts for cable “spring back” on each lot of cable.
● The standard configuration of the machine includes fixtures for 3 cable sizes: 0.086 (2.184mm), 0.144 (3.66mm) and 0.250 inch (6.35mm), one radius die for each cable size.

The BTB bender is equipped with Digital Read-Out’s for axial and rotational position adjustments. Production templates are easy to make from prototype configurations. Out of plane bends can be made in 1 degree increments. Linear accuracy is .0005 inch (.0127mm).

The cable is placed in the indexing head that can accommodate all listed cable sizes. The direction of the bend is then chosen in 1 degree increments. Bending of the cable is done with a manual lever.

The Digital Radial Indicator tracks the proper angle of the bend to determine compensation for spring back.

The cable is positioned for the next bend by moving the index head assembly along the linear slide and then rotating it, with 1 degree of accuracy, for out of plane bends. An easily activated bar clamp holds the linear slide securely during the bending operation. When a production template is used this positioning is accomplished with a plunger that drops into the template hole and holds the slide securely.

After a prototype configuration is made making a production template is simple: First, retrace each bend location from the electronic slide. Second, mark the template with the supplied punch. Third, drill the plunger holes into the template where they were marked in the second step above. Last, mark the template with the cable identification and the bend angle at each hole. You are now ready to do multiple bends on as many cables as you wish.

The bender can accommodate several bend radii for a cable configuration. At the location of the new bend simply open the pinch roller clamp, move the Bend Head, drop a new form roller into the Bend Head, and then release the pinch roller and the new bend radius can now be made.

Cable configurations with up to 8 same radius bends can be done in less than one minute. Radius rollers for all cable sizes are available in whichever bend radii you specify.

Ordering Information
Provide us with a list of desired bend radii for each cable size. The minimum radius size for 0.086 inch (2.184mm) cable is 0.375 inch (9.53mm), for 0.141 inch (3.58mm) cable 0.400 inch (10.16mm), and for 0.250 inch (6.35mm) cable 0.500 inch (12.7mm). The maximum radius is 0.800 inch (20.32mm) for any cable size.

BASE PRICE: $32,250.00


120/240 VAC
50Hz to 60Hz
64 inches (1,626mm)
20 inches (508) minimum (the Digital Read-Out display height is adjustable)
Approx. 100 Lbs. (45.35 Kg.)
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