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Florida RS Technology (FLRST) manufactures coaxial cable assemblies for the largest Aerospace, Telecommunication and Transportation companies, and the US Military. We are also fortunate to be the coax cable supplier of choice for many smaller, 1st class companies in these industries.
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Lots of companies make coaxial cable assemblies.
Why should buy cable assemblies from Florida RS Technology?
  • We started in business over 13 years ago designing, patenting and manufacturing coaxial cable processing tools for cable stripping, cable pointing, cable bending, and for rf coax cable connectors. Florida RS Technology tools are widely acknowledged to be the best of their type. In fact, they are in use all over the world. When you buy coaxial cable assemblies from us you can be confident that they will always be processed with precision tools and put together by the best assemblers in the industry.

  • Engineers, designers and purchasing managers in the telecommunications, defense contracting, and testing industries trust us every day for their precision cable assembly requirements. They demand and recieve the highest quality coaxial cable assemblies from Florida RS Technology.

  • Everyone talks about how good their quality is. At Florida RS Technology we put customer satisfaction above all else. Our reject rate for coaxial cable assemblies is less than 0.05% which means that we get it right the first time 99.95% of the time.

  • Florida RS Technology is nimble and flexible. If you want one coax cable assembly or several thousand we can do it for you, on time, and at a price that is very competitive. We do emergency orders on an expedited basis. It's 9:00am Wednesday and you are in a jam, you need cable assemblies by Thursday before noon, call Florida RS Technology and we will figure out a way to make them and get them to you.
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